Payed parking

The system allows payments by short-term visitors and long-term users. The long-term users use parking cards Mifare Standard, the short-term users can have either a ticket with barcode or a reusable contactless card.

Paper ticket with bar code – the advantage of this system is a lower ticket price, lower terminal price and the option for discontinuous operation.

Plastic ticket with a chip and full-color cover print – contactless card with full-color cover print is used instead of the paper ticket. The advantages of the system are high efficiency without costs for disposable tickets, the full-color cover print that can be used as advertisement media, simple usage, cards prevent unauthorized duplication, uniform technology for both short-term visitors and long-term users, simple option to award bonuses in shops and restaurants. The systems are extraordinarily suitable for middle-sized to large parking lots with 24/7 operations, malls and business centers.

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