Designated parking

Designated parking – portions of parking lot are assigned to individual companies. It is possible to issue more parking cards for each company than the number of parking spaces it has assigned. The system will make sure that the number of cars from a company does not exceed the number of parking spaces assigned to this company. This system property significantly increases the utilization of the parking lot: even when some of the employees are away on vacation or business trip, the parking lot can be fully used. Each parking card can have its own tariff and using its settings it is possible to regulate the number of cars in the parking lot over the course of the day.

Visitor system – the parking terminal issues the visitor a parking card on arrival to the parking lot. When leaving, the customer marks the card in the parking card reader. This process is always authorized by a special system card that is issued to individual companies. When leaving the parking lot, the customer inserts the card into the departure terminal. The terminal keeps the card and opens the departure gate. The data about the visited company and parking time are read form the card into system and can be used for an invoice for visitor parking. If the customer did not visit any company, the parking will be charged according to the parking pricelist. 

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